The Best Sacrament of Redemption for Your Gut
There are too many gatherings, often more meat and less vegetables, making the intestines unhealthy. TDOX contains a variety of rich nutrients and fiber, stimulates intestinal peristalsis, improves constipation, expels excess waste, improves body weight, edema, nourishes blood, improves appearance and delays aging. After taking TDOX, waist circumference and belly circumference are reduced, no body odor, no bad breath, no dullness, no acne, easier and more sensitive.
  • Discharge Enterotoxin
  • Balances Acids
  • Beauty & Whitening
  • Relieve Constipation
  • Enhance metabolism
  • Intestinal Movement
  • Improve enzymes in the body

Intestinal toxin is the source of all diseases!
Intestine plays an important role in detoxifying the body. 90% of toxins are excreted through intestines, hence affecting skin appearance and overall health. Accumulated toxins may contribute to acne and dark spot on the face, bloated and weight gain, unpleasant oral and body odour, indigestion, constipation and hemorrhoids.

1st step of intestines detoxification: Supplement Dietary Fiber. Dietary fiber is one of the nutrients human body needs that is recognized as one of the 7 major classes of nutrients. It can be divided into two types: water-soluble and water-insoluble. Consume tonics not afraid of being eaten by the large intestine.

A new type of low-calorie sweetener widely exists in the skin shells of fruits and coarse grains. Because it can inhibit the activity of invertase in the human intestine, it has the effect of inhibiting the absorption of sucrose; in addition, L-arabinose can also suppress the accumulation of body fat can be used to prevent and treat diseases such as obesity, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia.
Barley Green is a green cereal grass that has been adapted to a variety of climates and is an excellent source of nutrition for animals and humans. The young green grass blades concentrate the large amount of nutrients absorbed from the soil. When the barley leaves are 12 to 14 inches tall, they contain all the vitamins, minerals and proteins needed for the human diet, as well as many other substances that help maintain health, including chlorophyll, many antioxidants and detoxifying compounds.
Supergreen is a customized green formula that includes a mixture of spinach, pumpkin, carrots, purple potatoes and burdock root. The Supergreen provides the best sources of natural vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, enzymes and fiber, and is the best choice to support the human health system through better immunity. Supergreen has a very high ORAC value and excels in providing antioxidant effects.
It can obviously treat and prevent gastric cancer, and has a good effect on liver B, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, hyperglycemia and so on. Light weight is weight loss, and longevity is anti-aging, and Yu Ganzi can be taken for a long time without any side effects. Chinese medicine believes that Yu Ganzi is sweet and bitter, and cold. It has the functions of clearing lungs and prickling throat, replenishing liver and kidney, dispelling plague and stopping pimples, and detoxifying. It can be used to treat sore throat, throat numbness, lung heat or cold and wind fever, cough dry throat, annoying fever.
100% natural cantaloupe extract! Melon extract is a powerful and effective antioxidant, while improving complexion and brightening skin. Effectively improves the skin problems of freckles, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and dull complexion.
'An apple a day keeps the doctor away'. Apples contain a lot of vitamin C. It's also known as a powerful natural antioxidant, which can help boost the immune system and play a role in protecting against infection and damage caused by the free radicals. Every time you eat an apple, you will get the vitamins that your body needs.
Beneficial microorganisms. By regulating the host mucosa and immune function of the system or by regulating the balance of the microorganisms in gut, promoting nutrient absorption and maintaining the health of the intestinal tract, to produce single microorganisms or microorganisms with composition that are beneficial to health.
Who needs MedyUp TDOX?
People with long term diarrhea / constipation / indigestion
People who like to eat meat
People who sit for long hours with less movement
People who want to keep fit & healthy
People who want to improve skin condition
Pregnant mother
Benefits of intestinal cleansing and detoxification
  1. Cleans the intestines and stomach:
    Cleans the intestines and stomachs that are filled with greasy food and junk food every day, so that the intestines and stomach are cleared and the burden on the intestines is reduced.
  2. Elimination of bad breath:
    The accumulation of harmful substances in the intestine can cause bad breath. Intestinal cleansing can excrete harmful substances in the intestine from the body and eliminate the inducement of bad breath.
  3. Preventing diseases:
    Accumulation of intestinal toxins can easily induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, intestinal diseases, etc. Intestinal cleansing can excrete toxins from the body and prevent the occurrence of diseases.
  4. Health care:
    Intestinal cleansing is beneficial to regulate the immune system and promote metabolism, which can eliminate auto-poisoning, and reduce the burden on other excretory organs, restore brain sobriety and sensitivity, and relieve fatigue.
  5. Adjust mood:
    After cleaning the intestines, the body becomes lighter and you will feel refreshed and refreshed. Intestinal cleansing helps to eliminate restlessness and make mind and body cheerful.
  6. Detoxification and beauty:
    If the harmful substances in the feces are not discharged in time, they will be repeatedly absorbed by the intestinal wall. The toxins circulate in the body and reach various parts of the body, which may cause dull complexion, pigmentation, acne, rough skin and other problems. Cleans the intestines and discharges harmful substances, eliminates the factors that induce skin diseases, and helps beauty and beauty.
  7. Prevent obesity:
    Remove harmful substances in the intestines, maintain good intestinal function, balance the metabolism and reduce the accumulation of fat.
The intestines are cleared and all diseases are eliminated. Only when the intestines are healthy, our body will not have problems
Want Detox use TDOX
100% NO Laxative

If we excessively pursue intestinal detoxification and choose products with laxative ingredients, the accumulation of time will not only solve the intestinal problems, but will also bring unnecessary burden to the intestines!

TDOX is made of 5 major ingredients, L-arabinose, concentrated barley grass, Supergreen and, Indian Amla fruit, melon extract, one pack a day, can inhibit body fat accumulation, and provide all the vitamins, minerals and protein, fiber, and nutrition to body.

  • Excessive fat accumulation
  • The standard of obesity → Measured by body mass index (BMI), that is, the weight (kg) divided by the height (m) square
How TDOX can help:
TDOX contain L arabinose
  • Inhibit body fat accumulation
  • Anti-sugar effect
  • Improve metabolism
  • Prevent the body from absorbing excess sugar
  • Prevent obesity
  • Manage diseases such as hypertension and hyperlipidemia
  • The stool is too hard or too dry
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Difficulty passing stool
  • The frequency of normal bowel movements is about 1 to 2 times a day
How TDOX can help:
TDOX contain Concentrated Barley Grass & Supergreen
  • Provide the fiber needed by the body
  • Stimulate gastrointestinal motility
  • Improve constipation
Bad Breath / Body Odor
  • Body odor → poor metabolism → body dampness → unable to excrete from the body → produce unpleasant body odor
  • Bad breath → indigestion, stomach disease → Helicobacter infection → sulfide production → cause bad breath
How TDOX can help:
TDOX contain Concentrated Barley Grass & Supergreen
  • Provide the fiber needed by the body
  • Stimulate gastrointestinal motility
  • Improve metabolism
  • Improve indigestion
  • Improve bad breath & body odor
High Blood Sugar
  • Fasting blood glucose, more than 7.0 mmol/L
  • Excessive intake of sugars
  • Diabetes
How TDOX can help:
TDOX contain L Arabinose
  • Inhibit body fat accumulation
  • Prevent obesity
  • Block starch absorption
  • Improve metabolism
  • Lower blood sugar
High Cholesterol
  • Obese
  • Poor eating habits
  • Lack of exercise
  • High levels of cholesterol in the blood
  • Suffering from heart disease & stroke
How TDOX can help:
TDOX contain L Arabinos
  • Inhibit body fat accumulation
  • Prevent obesity
  • Improve metabolism
TDOX contain Supergreen
  • High fiber
  • Lower cholesterol
TDOX contain Indian Amla
  • Help reduce bad cholestero
  • Prevent the body from absorbing cholesterol → Excrete it from the body
Q & A
Q : How many calories does a pack of TDOX contain?
A : TDOX contains extremely low calories, only 9 kcal per pack, so people who want to control their calorie intake can take it with peace of mind.
Q : What is the best time to take TDOX?
A : It is recommended that customers take it before meals and they can go to the toilet to defecate the next morning. In addition, customers who want to maintain weight or lose weight can also take it before meals to reduce starch intake.
Q : Can I mix TDOX with other beverages besides water? If juice, milkshake, yogurt, etc.
A : It depends on personal preference. Combine TDOX with juice or yogurt to get better bowel effects.
Q : Is it safe to take TDOX for a long time? Will there be dependence on the product and must be taken to defecate?
A : It is safe to take, because it is all-natural, contains no pharmaceutical ingredients, and will not cause side effects or dependence. At the same time, it can help the intestine to restore peristaltic function.
Q : Can vegetarians take TDOX?
A : Can. The ingredients of TDOX are all plant-derived, without any animal ingredients, so vegetarians can take it with peace of mind.