Apple Fruit Extract
An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away.

I believe everyone must hear this before, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". Do you know about what vitamins inside apples are beneficial for you? Apple is ranked as the healthiest fruits in the world due to its rich nutritional benefits. What vitamins in apples bring such an important source to us?

Nutritional fact of apple

Apples contain a high amount of vitamin C. It is also known as a powerful natural antioxidant that can help improve the immune system to both infectious agents and damage caused by free radicals. Each time you eat an apple, you’ll get a healthy dose of this essential vitamin.

Apple consists of B-complex vitamins that include riboflavin, thiamin, and vitamin B-6, all of which are essential in maintaining red blood cells and keeping your nervous system strong and healthy.

Other than that, apples consist of vitamin K as well. This vitamin is responsible for protein production, which strengthens your bones and encourages normal blood clotting.

Vitamin E is found in smaller amounts in apples compared to these other vitamins. However, this vitamin does contribute to healthier skin and a stronger immune system.

Nutrients Your Body Needs
  • Dietary fiber
    Apples are high in dietary fiber. The best-known function is to prevent and relieve constipation. However, it also offers other health benefits. For example, It helps to maintain a healthy weight, lowers cholesterol levels, and can reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer.

  • Phytonutrients
    Apples also include lots of phytonutrients. These polyphenolic compounds function as antioxidants that can protect against damage from free radicals. Besides, they can provide anti-inflammatory effects and enhance your immune system.

  • Minerals
    Apple also consists of minerals, such as calcium, potassium, and phosphorus. These minerals are required by the body to perform various functions, like strengthening your bones (calcium), building muscle (potassium), and filtering out waste (phosphorus).

Health Benefits

Eating apples can improve neurological health, which may help to prevent neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. Another study found that people who ate more apples had a lower risk of thrombotic stroke.

Keeping your weight in check may be easier if you include apples in your diet. A study found that apples had a beneficial effect on good gut bacteria, which may help to prevent obesity.

Apples can work wonders for your cholesterol, too. One study found that older women who ate apples every day lowered their bad cholesterol by 23 % in just six months. This dietary habit also increased their good cholesterol by 4 % at the same time.

If you want to improve your health, include more apples in your diet. This fruit offers key nutritional benefits you don’t wanna miss out.