Organic Cordyceps -- Winter Worm, Summer Grass.
Picture 1: Cordyceps Sinensis.
1.0 Introduction
What is Cordyceps?

Cordyceps Sinensis is one of the precious herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that were exclusive to the emperor in ancient China. The Chinese name of Cordyceps is known as -- Winter worm, summer grass. TCM used Cordyceps as an immune supportive herb to enhance the kidney and lung systems. The growth habit of Cordyceps is grown wild in the Himalayan foothills of Tibet and Bhutan, where it infects and then slowly infests the pupal stage (or caterpillar) of ghost moths until it dies. From this caterpillar, it grows a grass-shaped fruiting body, which then releases spores for reproduction. The unique growth cycle of Wild Cordyceps Sinensis makes it rare and expensive.

Picture 2: The reproduction cycle of Cordyceps Sinensis.
Is Cordyceps Vegan?

The Chinese name of Cordyceps is known as -- Winter worm, summer grass. The liquid fermentation method is discovered and can produce a higher value of beta-glucan and amount of Cordycepin compared to Wild Cordyceps. The mycelium of this mushroom is grown in liquid fermentation tanks. The cultivation method is using a nutritious barley substrate to produce Cordyceps Militaris mushrooms. Therefore, making C.militaris vegan. Research has shown that C. militaris and C. Sinensis provide similar functions, and they are used interchangeably in TCM and other branches of herbalism.

Picture 3: Cordyceps Militaris
2.0 Health Benefits of Organic Cordyceps
Why is it precious?
  1. Promote Kidney & Liver Health
    Cordyceps help to improve kidney function and liver health. These organs function as detoxification of the body. Cordyceps prevent and reduce inflammation, but it also protects these organs at a cellular level. Cordyceps protects kidneys by promoting a normal response to inflammation and preventing chemical processes in these vital organs from getting off-kilter.

  2. Boost Up Immune System -- IMMUNOMODULATING EFFECT
    Your immune system consists of 3 layer defenses. Firstly, the physical barrier prevents viruses, bacteria, and pathogens from entering. If the breakdown of the protective barrier occurs, causing the pathogens to enter into the body. The innate immune system acts as a secondary defense that provides an immediate response to prevent the body's cell attacked by invaders. Moreover, the third layer of protection is the adaptive immune system. The adaptive immune system is activated by the responses of the innate immune system. In the adaptive system, B cells are involved in humoral immune response, whereas T cells contribute to cellular immune response. Immunopotentiating drugs function to restore the immune system to reduce recurrent and life-threatening infections. Immunosuppressive drugs function to the damage occurring, as well as to prevent transplant rejection after an organ transplant. Many studies show that Cordyceps is a bidirectional modulator with both potentiating and suppressive effects on the immune system through regulating innate and adaptive immunity. Cordyceps are able to improve immunity by stimulating cells and specific chemicals in the immune system.

  3. Anti Aging Properties
    Cordyceps consist of anti-oxidation properties, 'oxidation' is a chemical reaction that can produce free radicals, which contribute damage to the cell and aging. Cordyceps consists of antioxidant compounds that help to fight cell damage by neutralizing free radicals.

  4. Boost Sexual Energy
    People in Asian cultures refer to Cordyceps as "Himalayan Viagra." In the past, people have used Cordyceps when they want a little boost in sexual energy. Besides that, Cordyceps also helps enhance the reproductive systems.

  5. Boost Energy
    Fatigue is a vague feeling of extreme tiredness resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness. Fatigue is one of the body warning signs. Chronic fatigue can affect an individual's performance. Moreover, long term accumulated fatigue can lead to death. In China, Cordyceps is used to rehabilitate after numerous diseases and rapid recovery from exhaustion because of its adaptogenic (anti-stress) properties and ability to enhance endurance and strength.